3 Things You Realise When Building A New Business

Written by Emma Brocklesby - October 06 2014


June 04 2015

There’s LOADS I could say about this, but here’s the one thing I’d say has changed for me in the last 2-3 years, despite me often having periods where I’m STILL as busy as you describe here:

I used to think my job was to plan the work and then what time’s left (if I did well!) would be for family/personal/relaxation/weekends. However, now I see it the other way around. Now, I see my job as about planning the downtime. Planning it in.

And then with what’s left? I squeeze in as much work as I can. Does that mean I sometimes miss deadlines? Yes. Does it mean I need to be ruthless? Certainly, yes – and that’s almost entirely the point. Are there times when even this advice doesn’t work? Hell, yes! But the point is that being an entrepreneur is still a job (and in my eyes the best kind). Yes, we need to be our own boss, but we also need to be our own employee too.

June 04 2015

Thank you Graham, so great to hear your thoughts on the subject :D

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